judy huerta

Judy Huerta has converted her vast experience managing veterinary hospitals to managing attorneys and dockets, and brought an incredible work ethic to the firm. Instead of being meticulous with hospital drug inventory, she is now meticulous with legal documents. Judy quickly adapted to communicating with attorneys by viewing them as a new species of animal that she wants to help.


melissa lucas

Melissa Lucas has acquired several years of patent paralegal experience and applies it to help her attorneys more than they realize. She can often be heard trying to also help USPTO personnel process forms properly and discovering issues in client systems.  Prior to becoming a paralegal, Melissa taught preschool for more than a decade.  Surprisingly, the transition to working with lawyers wasn’t difficult at all.

(not actually Morgan)

(not actually Morgan)

morgan bryant

Morgan Bryant is quickly learning the trade from Melissa and Judy while also becoming a spreadsheet expert. She will also determine how to leverage her journalism background to help with content creation on social media platforms for the firm. With Morgan, we have filled our Texas A&M graduates quota.