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gilliam IP pllc
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Our Practice

In the fast-paced, jam-packed, stressed-out world of in-house counsel, you need trustworthy outside counsel willing to put quality first and meet deadlines. Gilliam IP is a firm committed to serving our clients with a team of eclectic practitioners well-versed in creating a quality work product based on the seemingly continuously changing case law and USPTO programs and announcements.  We prepare applications that inventors can actually read, allowing the inventors to provide productive feedback.  You won’t find self-serving strategies here (e.g. continuation mills, repeat RCEs, etc.) because we prefer to make recommendations that are effective in both outcome and cost, and that align with client goals.

Our team possesses diverse technology experience from both industry and patent law practice. We conduct internal peer reviews and sound out arguments with each other to further improve our work product instead of churning out billings regardless of result.  New practitioners are held to our exacting standards from day one, and are carefully trained for 2-3 years. 

Although Gilliam IP is a fairly new firm, many of us have been working together for several years.  We have rescued entire client dockets from law firms because our work achieves results for clients while other law firms' marketing obtains publication rankings. Our firm has developed patent portfolios in technologies including processor architecture, telecommunications, enterprise storage, a variety of software technologies, and energy related technology.

Gilliam IP is on a mission to serve our clients by doing the work responsibly and properly, and to treat all team members like people instead of cogs in a machine.