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gilliam IP pllc
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Patent Preparation

We prepare patent applications that clearly and comprehensively explain and claim inventions. Well before Alice/Mayo and Williamson v. Citrix, we wrote descriptions that delved into the details of an invention and continue to do so. We take a long view beyond just getting a patent to issue. 


Patent Prosecution

As with our patent application preparation, we prosecute patent applications based on current case law and client goals. While we seek to cooperate with patent examiners, we do not engage in gamesmanship, such as by adding words to claims for the sole purpose of lengthening claims. We pursue efficient prosecution that does not rely on a game of disposal counts through RCEs. We provide after final recommendations and continuing application recommendations that use the various USPTO programs that are available and appropriate.  We recommend appeal after establishing clear and persuasive arguments before prosecution closes instead of waiting until preparation of the appeal brief to sound out arguments. 


Infringement and Validity Analysis, Due Diligence, Freedom To Operate Analysis 

Our combined experience includes a wide variety of intellectual property legal services. These include due diligence, infringement and validity analysis, freedom to operate analysis, and product investigations. We have experience in these areas as both in-house and outside counsel. 



Excellent legal services cannot be provided without excellent administrative support. Our team includes experienced and diligent paralegals. They avoid the seemingly small errors that can be costly for clients.